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Corporate Welfare

2016 first strong-H basketball game “Brother Cup" started2016-03-06

      In order to enrich the staff sports and entertainment life, give full play to their team spirit; enhance employee pride and cohesion, March 6, 2016, First basketball Game "Brother Cup" was held in Mengzhi basketball court.Before the game,assistant manager of administrative affairs department Mr.Zeng spoke on the active participation of employees and gave ncouragement and affirmation, also said to strive for more benefits for everyone to sports and fitness activities.Thus, reflect the company’s emphasis on sports activities of employees, also wish strong h cultural and sports activities became better and better,the company culture has been further improved.
      The competition by lottery teams divided into six groups, each player actively participate, skilled players has aroused the audience's cheers. " hard work, teamwork, do not give up, "  the strong H spirit also infected with the presence of each member of the audience, this is a real high level race.
      We also had the opportunity to invite an international umpire referee the game for us, fair, serious, ensuring fair competition, continuity and ornamental.
      This game enriched employee’s amateur sports activities once again, but also kindled the majority of staff passion for the sport.It reflected STRONGH Company has the spirit that focused on training staff overall quality, meanwhile the corporate culture strengthened thoroughly,increasing the friendship between employees and cultivate a team spirit.
      In the future, for the purpose of promoting employee health, the company will continue to enrich their cultural and sports activities. 
      Also will organize a variety of cultural and sports activities to filling our corporate culture construction and promoting strong H Company to flourish.