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Corporate Welfare

Welfare System2016-03-13

1. 2500 RMB to 3000 RMB/ month for college degree or above including fresh graduates.
2. According to the company operating conditions and individual objectives performance rate, give year-end bonuses.

3. Paying the monthly bonus based on personal work performance of each month.

1. Setting employee welfare committees; regularly organize cultural activities, recreational contests and annual tourism to rich leisure life.
2. Allocating a variety of recreational facilities: TV, billiards, table tennis, table football, fitness equipment, Internet reading room, library and so on.
3. For excellent employees, providing the interest-free loan for purchasing house and automobiles.
4. Providing five insurances and housing fund under national insurance policy to protect the interests of employees.
5. Providing emergency relief and welfare fund for weddings and funeral, employees enjoy a free haircut and birthday gifts.
6. Organizing regular Beano or department dinner party and year-end lottery.

1. Furnishing staff quarters with a separate bathroom, air-conditioning, water heater, wireless Internet access.
2. Company restaurant provides staff with nutritious and varied diets accompanying monthly meal subsidy.

1. Emphasizing on staff career development with unimpeded promotion channels. Provide internal, external professional skills training and R & D category of technology, as well as expert counseling.
2. Devoting into talent education, arranging relevant training in concerned domestic or overseas enterprises according to contingent employees.